5 more healthy habits hack

In the last article we discussed 5 healthy habits hack, I think it is so useful that I should write another 10 healthy habits hack, so here it is.

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1. Meal prep

Most of us get the exercise right, but we don’t get one thing right and that is food, I don’t mean that you don’t know about carns or something, what I mean is that you are not able to find time to prepare your meal so you are having your food in irregular time. So if you prepare your full-day mean in the morning that it will really help you to stay on time and get you your nutrients on time.

2.Increasing Metabolism

Did you know that if you want to increase your metabolism just add some spices to your food than it can greatly increase our metabolism. Well, we Indian don’t need this tip as our all meals are made using Spices.

3. Stop drinking coffee

Here on 90zkids.com we have always stressed upon not drinking coffee as it may lead to many problems in the long run. Instead, drink water or some kind of fruit juice.

4.Become active

This is not what I should be telling you, you should already know this. In todays world a lot of us are sitting in front of the computer and typing, so take a small time out of your work and just go out and have a little fun, play some sports or something, but just become active, it will greatly improve your health.

5. Get sunshine

Do you often wake up and are very tired? If the answer is yes there is a simple solution and that is to go out and get some sunshine in the morning and this will definitely boost your energy and will make you feel full charged

Try this simple health hacks and tell us how it went in the comment section below!

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