Children’s Health

On this website, we have discussed fitness about adults, but this time we will be writing a blog for the children’s health. How to prevent them from getting fiver and getting into any serious problems

The first thing that tops our list is to prevent mosquitos

Well, I took it lightly and got Dengue. Mosquitos are very dangerous as they carry malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever, filariasis, tularemia and many more. So it is very important to protect our children from it. Not just children but also ourselves.


  • Tell them to wear full clothes that try to cover as much as possible
  • Bring home mosquitos repellant, some good once are “good nigh, all-out”
  • While sending them out make sure they don’t play near contaminated waters
  • Keep your house clean.
  • Keep your clothing clean as well.
  • Papaya Leaf Juice

Washing hands frequently

hand washing

We should make sure that kids try to wash there hands before touching face, eating foods and just when they feel like it. Washing hands is a good habit cause most of the bacterias spread through our hands.

Keep them away from Junk food

You would already know this but still, you buy it for them. One solution is to try to make the food at home. Like if they like Samosa make it at home so that they don’t go outside and eat. Any day home food will be better than roadside or junk food.

Tell them to Drink enough water

Water is very important for kids just like it is for adults. If your child gets headaches or is not able to sleep properly. Tell them to drink more water or you give them yourself so that they can drink and stay hydrated.

Teach them good habits

Teach your kids good habits like brushing twice, not biting nails with there teeth and not sucking thumb. This thing if not stopped at an early age can become very hard to get rid of when they grow up.


Lastly, make them sleep on time. Kids like to jump around and not sleep. So make them sleep on time so that their body can recover. As it is there growing age, proper sleep will enable them to recover from illness and sickness.

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