Lose fat, Scientific and detailed steps

First, let me tell you about my self. I was really fat when I started going to the gym. That was the time when I learned A to Z about fitness. I will share what I know and it will be scientific. If you are thinking that you will also have to go the gym then don’t worry you don’t need to go unless you want to build muscles or lose fat fast.

You would have read many articles saying that go to the gym and that it or various products claiming that it will make your fat go away. Unfortunately, they are all wrong. The thing that you need to do is to eat. Now you would be thinking “Wait what you are saying to eat.” Yes, I am saying to eat. That’s because your body has to maintain itself. That means if you lose weight too fast that is not good and losing weight really slow, we don’t want that.

What we want is to get rid of fat at a constant and measured speed. So let get started!

First, you need to calculate the total maintenance calories. Click here to calculate

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You simply put your age, gender, and other info and hit calculate

Once you calculate let’s move ahead. For eg. If your maintenance calories are 2000 than we need to have a deficit of 500 calories to reduce fat

So if you are eating only 1000 calories than you surely need to increase 500 more to get to 1500. You are definitely increasing calories but hear me for a second. So if you eat very little than your body goes to survival mode where it tries to store every single thing that it can. So it stores them in the form of fats.

So you will be eating just 500 calories less than what is your maintenance calories. By doing this your body will not go in survival mode and will lose fat at a steady speed.

Those who things going to the gym burns fat.

Yeah, you are right but partially right. Cause going to the gym will not be helpful if your diet is not good. So 90% is your food and only 10% is your gym. You can think of it as a catalyst.

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