signs your body is Deficient in Vital Nutrients

You get sick and you don’t know how actually your body gives you signal before it gets out of control. The only thing that we need to do is simply pick them up. Well, it is not your mistake that you are not able to pick it up. So here are we tell you about 20 signs your body is deficient in vital nutrients.

1.Cracking Sounds in Joints


So your need pop when you bend them or joints of your arms crack and there are sounds when you walk, sit or do something. Well, in that case, you have a calcium deficiency


Do not take those calcium tablets or multivitamins, instead use milk include milk products in your diet like cheese, paneer, curd and etc. The best way to fulfill this deficiency is to have curd with a pinch of calcium carbonate in the morning with an empty stomach. Do this for roughly 2 to 3 months and see the results.

2.Gum bleeding


Bloodstain on food and fruits. You see blood when you touch your gums. Your tongue also gets cuts. It needs vitamin C.


We have talked about it in our article. Amla is the best food that you can include that contains vitamin c which is equal to 20 oranges

If you don’t find these you can also use lemon, guava, and oranges.

3. Premature Hair Fall

If your hair is dry and it falls often than you have Biotin Deficiency. So ou body makes biotin when there is an imbalance in the stomach.


We need to start eating probiotic foods and the best, once that tops our list for that, is curd. How to have it, simply take a tablespoon of jaggery powder with curd on an empty stomach. Well, we ask you to take jaggery as it is not chemically processed. So if you eat curd with processed foods than there is no use of eating it. Well, you can also use Apple cider Vinegar.

4.Small white specs on your nails.

Your body needs zinc. Well, this happens due to eating a lot of icecreams and pastries.


Well, the solution is to decrease ice cream and pastries and instead have nuts, seeds, lentils, legumes, and almonds.

5.Vitamin B all deficiencies


Cracked corners of heels, Blood short eyes or ulcers on lip or cracks on corners of your mouth, well then you have Vitamin B2 deficiency.

If you have Horizontal lines on nails or you suffer from wandering eyes. Then you have a B1 deficiency.

Nails turning brown that means you have vitamin b12 deficiency

Redness around nose, cheeks, and forehead you need Vitamin b6


People who have Vitamin b deficiency are prone to body pain anxiety and depression.

The best thing is to avoid junk foods like pizza, burger, samosa and etc. Simply eat homemade food and that your body will take care of the rest.

These were few vitamin deficiency that you may face generally in you life and I have provided you with solutions to them, well the signals that body are pretty small, but if we don’t identify them and act on it, it may lead to serious problems. Having multi vitamin is not really bad but they are made and not naturally available. So if you eat foods and fruits which naturally have lots of vitamins, your body will naturally improve in all the vitamins. The best part those naturally available foods don’t harm our body.

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