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The best Hair care routine for Men and Women

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In this article, I tell you guys about the best hair care routine and how to stop hair fall.

Excited! Let’s start. You guys have might try many products but failed to achieve the desired results. Especially when it comes to hair fall we don’t need a specific product but a holistic plan to tap the problem from its root. This routine is tried by many people and also backed by explicit research and our ancient texts.

1. Curry leaves

The first thing that you should do is after you get up to eat fresh curry leaves, why curry leaves you to ask? Well because they are a rich sources of beta carotene, amino acids, and antioxidants which strengthen the hair follicles making them the most effective food to stop hair fall. So how should you consume it, simply take 3 to 5 curry leaves and chew them until it becomes a paste. Well try it out and comment your experience below!

2. Drinking water

Now you would be thinking about what, water. Well, water should be drunk first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The water should not be kept in any glass but preferably in a copper charged container or glass. This will provide maximum benefit as copper will charge the water during nigh. So keep water next to your bed in a copper charged container and drink it first thing in the morning.

Why copper, because it acts as a catalyst for releasing iron extracted out of the red blood cells helping in har growth. Also, digestive issues affect hair problems and copper charged water is just great to keep digestive issues away so in short hair problems less.

Remember Not to drink, coffee or tea in the morning it is just affecting your health in a bad way.

3. Nourishing your hair

The technique that I am about to tell you is very old, It is old but still gold.

Well, its Buttermilk is also known as “CHAAS” it is an excellent cleanser, buttermilk made the roots of our hair stronger by replenishing with proteins and other essential nutrients. So there is no reason not to have it. It is cheaply available or you can simply make it as well at home. Just try it and tell us your experience in the comment section below.

How to use it? Take unsalted CHAAS or buttermilk and massage it evenly onto the roots of your hair. Leave it for 20 mins and wash it with cold water. Here let me warn you that don’t use warm water as it may harm your scalp and ultimately leave it dry and hair fall issue will ger worsen.

4. End your day

Lets end your day with the right thing to make sure you have left no chance of hair fall. So the thing that we are going to use is “Amalaki Rasayan ” Made from a combination of amla powder and amla juice.

Amalaki Rasaayan is a classical Ayurvedic medicine especially for hair fall. Take about 1/3 teaspoon of Amalaki Rasayan with half a teaspoon of honey and have it.

that’s it that’s was all that needed to be done.

Note:- Do not eat anything after having this.

Well if you follow this routine daily I am sure that hair fall problem will go away in just a few months.

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