You have been drinking milk the wrong way

Yes, you heard it right. You have been drinking milk the wrong way. Read this article to understand what you were doing wrong and how to correct them. You will be surprised that you were doing all the things below.

A Bit About Milk

Milk is a product that we get from living animals it is high in hormones, enzymes, and amino acids.

Foods from living organisms react with our body chemically so it is very important to take good care and know-how to consume it properly.

1. Milk is a complete meal

Milk is a complete meal in itself. It has all the nutrients required to nourish our bodies. If milk is taken with a meal, before or after then it means that you are having 2 meals together. It puts undue pressure on our digestive system and it suffers to absorb proper nutrients from both the meals.

So what should we do or when should we take it?

You should take it 2 hours before or after a meal


Can we drink milk after fish and chicken?

yes you can, but have atleast 2 hours gap and then drink mil

2.Milk with salty food

Do you consume parathas with milk or you add milk in curry while cooking?

Well according to Ayurveda, milk and salt are incompatible foods that act as a slow poison.

The effects can be seen on your skins. No matter how you take care of the skin. If you combine them in anyways it will cause a weird reaction in your body.

3.Drinking cold milk

We drink milk in the form of a shake or cold coffee. This is not good for your digestive systems


  • Hard to digest
  • Leads to bloating/gas

So what should we do?

Simply drink milk at room temperature or heat the milk which changes the molecular structure of milk and makes it easy to digest.

3.Adding Sugar

The table sugar that we use at home is prepared using a lot of chemical processing.  

When we add this sugar in milk it interferes with the nutrients of the milk.

Also adding sugar makes milk indigestible.

Those who are trying to lose weight need to pay attention as it adds a lot of extra calories.

So what should you do?

If you still want to consume sweet milk, add jaggery powder or honey or you can

Have it without adding anything as Milk is naturally sweet in nature as it contains lactose

4. Combining with fruits

Milk is not a good choice for pairing with fruits. Hear me, Food that’s are sour in taste should not be consumed with milk. The only sour fruit that can be taken with milk is Amla (gooseberry).

Fruits like banana, dates, and mangoes can also be consumed.


Keep in mind to see what suits you best when you combine

fruits with milk and act accordingly

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